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The Roses of Mana

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The Roses Of Mana

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[font size="1"]The Roses of Mana[/font][/a][/center]

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Hello, Welcome to The Roses of Mana.

This community is of Mana and the wonders surrounding him.
If you know of, admire, adore, or even love Mana, then your place is here.

When you join, feel free to post an introduction. ^_^

*1* Please keep all subject matter geared towards Mana and the things involving him. ie) About Mana himself, bands he has been involved with, fashion relating to Mana (EGL=Love), ect.

*2* Be nice, polite, and as respectful as possable. Please, we all love Mana, let's not fight over/because of him. ^_~

*3* Posting of images, wallpapers, or icons are all welcome (*and much-enjoyed*), but use lj-cut for larger items.

*4* Enjoy yourself, of course.

My name is Charity, feel free to Email me or IM me if you need anything.
Email: Lady.Utena@yahoo.com
IM: Manas Rose

Sites of Wonder: